Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,

The tragedy surrounding the recent school shooting in St. Louis is unimaginable.  Hearts across the country break every time one of these events occur.

Shiloh Village SD #85 has a very close partnership with the Shiloh Police Department and the superintendents of the other school districts in the area.  We all communicate so we keep each other informed of anything going on that could pose a threat.  There has been greater police presence in our schools the last couple of days as a result of the most recent tragedy and I have spoken with the Shiloh Chief of Police, as he ensures the safety of our students and staff. 

I want to keep all of you informed as you may hear rumblings of things occurring in other districts. The following is a portion of an email sent from OTHS Superintendent Dr. Darcy Benway:


The administration and O’Fallon Police are aware of the ongoing reports of threats related to OTHS.  Any information coming to our attention is being reviewed and thoroughly investigated. 

At this time, there has been no credible threat identified at OTHS or any district in the area

We continue to track down each statement, comment, and/or post.

With regard to recent posts, we are finding instances where students are making false posts/statements to disrupt school.  A report today of guns/weapons at OTHS was found to be fictitious and the student is not only being disciplined by OTHS but has also been arrested by O’Fallon Police for making false statements.  Threats of violence against the school cause a major disruption and will not be tolerated. 

The Administration and Board of Education in collaboration with local law enforcement will continue to address any threats and will continue to meet to review OTHS safety and security practices. 

If you have a threat to report, please contact O’Fallon Police at (618) 624-4516. 


As superintendents, we encourage all parents and guardians to speak with their students regarding the appropriate use of social media and comments that are made.  ANY posts or comments which appear threatening to the school community, or its inhabitants will result in swift and severe and possible legal consequences.

Thank you for your partnership in our efforts to stop school violence and threats of violence.  We will continue to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

Thank you,

Dale Sauer