Online Current Family Registration
May 13th – June 15th
We have established an online process to streamline the registration process for Shiloh families.  All Shiloh #85 families who have children currently in Kindergarten through Seventh Grade are being asked register online this year. Your assistance and feedback are very important in order to create an effective process. In exchange, for all families who complete the steps below, your time during the July 14th and 19th (noon-7pm) Family Registration will be significantly shortened and simplified. 
In order to begin the process, click the link below:
Most of our families have accessed Skyward to monitor grades, pay lunch costs, etc... For our families that have not accessed Skyward this year or are having difficulty remembering their password, please email and an account reset link will be sent to your email for access. If you do not have an active email on file with us, please stop by one of our offices.
Shiloh Schools are currently requesting online registration for components in Step 1 through Step 6.
Step 1. Verify Emergency Callout Information. (the primary cell phone numbers and
emails for notifications)
Step 2. Verify Ethnicity/Race
Step 3. Verify Student Information in Skyward includes the following items:
Family Address, Family Information, Emergency Information, Emergency Contacts, Health Information, etc...
Step 4. Fill Out Registration Form (many boxes to check, information to provide and
confirm, ending with an electronic signature) PLEASE HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON
Step 5. Provide feedback on registration process experience.
Step 6. Please pay registration fees either online or send a check to the school or fill out a
waiver during registration. The link:
Step 7 and Step 8 must be completed at Family Registration or School Office at a later date.
Step 7. Attend Family Registration or visit the school office. To complete Permission for
Treatment form and Medical History form, waiver form, etc...
Before attending the first day, all students must have a required Consent to Treat

If your student is entering Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, or 6th Grade then health must be certified according to State Guidelines.  Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grade students cannot attend school unless the school has these forms completed by your medical professional:

Required only for K, 2nd, and 6th: 
IL State Cert of Health Exam
Proof of Dental Exam
Eye Exam
Step 8. Verify and Prove Residency. Please Note our Acceptable Proofs of Residency
listed below.
1. Families will still receive the standard mailing of registration forms (updated, if you completed the online component) and health documents. Bringing these documents to Family Registration further expedites the process.
2. Students are not enrolled for the 2022-2023 school year until the process is fully completed at Family Registration or the school office.
Please understand, registration cannot be fully completed online, just the majority of the process. Our intention is to make the process easier and seamless. At the end of the online process, you will be given the opportunity to provide any feedback you wish to share with us regarding your experience. We are grateful for your assistance moving forward as we try to improve and make more convenient our registration process.
Dale F. Sauer,