Good morning! 

As you are aware we have some impending storms that could be dangerous later in the afternoon. 

Once we get children in our school buildings, we try very hard not to send them home early because many parents don’t have options for childcare. Please know that we practice very specific drills for these types of weather conditions to be prepared to take care of our students and provide for their safety. That being said, it is certainly your option as a parent to pick your child up early from school if you wish. 

Also, please know after school sports and activities are canceled. Our tuition preschool and Creative Learning Program (aftercare) will remain in place as many parents do not have other options. However, we encourage you to pick those students up as soon as feasible. 

Lastly, this is an opportunity for the faculty and staff of Shiloh Schools to wish your family a very Happy Easter and enjoyable break.